How do we teach our kids emotional intelligence. I see that her emotions are overruling her as a result we have to coax her and less time is use to do beneficial things.

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How old is your child? My child is 2.5yo and as a start we try to have her to understand and identify the various emotions that she and us experience. I point out to her matter-of-factly that she's having a particular emotion. Eg: "You are upset because I need you to keep the toys." or "The child over there is crying, I think she is upset." or "I am angry when you throw your toys at me.." and of course the positive emotions, "I am proud that you shared your snacks with..." I also offer alternative safe behaviours to certain emotions, eg: "I know you are angry, but you cannot hit me, if you like, you can hit the pillow." We also read the "When I'm Feeling" series of books by Trace Moroney, I find that the book does help in getting her to relate to the different kind of emotions. Hope this helps!

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I read this article because I found it interesting to talk about emotional intelligence maybe you may be interested, it helps me to understand more.