How it is to be a single mom? I want to have a child with the man I love though I know he would not take responsibility for the child. Will this be easy, will this be difficult?..Any single moms with similar experiences or have other's experiences to share?

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From a social point of view, it is (still) not easy to be a single mother in Singapore (unfortunately). While we have progressed in many aspects, Singapore is still slowly opening up to the idea of non-traditional family units e.g. single mother/parent families. I have single mother friends from Singapore and countries in Europe -- the difference in terms of social acceptance, financial assistance and benefits are worlds apart. Recently, the government has announced improvements to benefits for single mothers and while I applaud the move, I feel that more can be done. All the single mothers I know are very resilient and I admire them for that. Some had their babies really young and obviously had a harder time while some had their babies as a single parent when they are older and are financially-ready to raise a child alone. Their experiences, difficulties as single mothers may be unique but their resilience and dedication are equally commendable.

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Thank You Yuna, this is very encouraging !