How it is to be a single mom? I want to have a child with the man I love though I know he would not take responsibility for the child. Will this be easy, will this be difficult?..Any single moms with similar experiences or have other's experiences to share?

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It is definitely harder having to look after the baby alone. You will need at least one more pair of hands to help. It will be very difficult to juggle between work and baby. Infant care is very expensive now. If you have to rush every morning to send baby to school and rush back to fetch baby after work is very hectic. I used to rush here and there. I find it very very taxing on our body and mental health. I dread waking up to the next day. Do note that single mother do not get baby bonus for the baby. If financially wise, you can afford for everything being a stay at home mum or there is people to look after baby for you, I think it will be easy. If not, it will be extremely hard.

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6y ago

Thanks Reine, this will surely make me give it a deeper thought :)