Hi, how do you shave (below) or does the hospital helps you to shave before delivery? I have an issue shaving because I can't see anything except my stomach ??

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For normal delivery, there's no need to shave. For C-section, they'll shave if there's a need to. Better not shave by yourself especially if you're using an old shaver because there's a chance of infection

I shaved myself 😆 or when I really couldn't do it I will ask my husband. I've tried waxing and it's hurts way more than shaving.

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I did not because I had shr treatment so don't have to worry about the hair issue. Think the nurse will shave for you.

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Want a clean shave can try gg for waxing services. Nurses will shave but not professionally n not clean shaved kind.

Get your husband to help you shave. If he refuse, ask him for money and use that money go for waxing.

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I didn't shave cause mine was csect. The nurse will still shave abit though.

Waxing? I was told organic methods such as sugaring is safe during pregnancy

I gave birth to 2 babies and I have never heard of shaving before delivery?

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The nurse will shave for you.. sometimes not all but a small portion only

My gynae told me to trim a bit as well and he said waxing was safe.