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hi mummies! guess this is really personal. but as my delivery date is approaching, felt like it’s impossible to ever shave clean around the pubic area. Do you shave off or is this a normal thing to have hair at that area. Afraid if the nurses/my ob-gyn might feel disgusted too as much as I am. (As I have always preferred to be hairless ‘there’.

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I always shave even before going for gynae appointment. During delivery even more so you have to shave as you will be bleeding a lot and it’s a lot more hygienic if you do so. The nurses will shave for you before delivery if you haven’t done so. I’d suggest doing what you can and let them do the rest of the blind spots. Good luck!

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U have to shave off for hygiene & other reasons to consider. Gynae or the nurses will advice u to shave off. This is the normal procedure. The nurses will shave off for u if u cant reach.

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Nurse will shave on the day of delivery, but better u do atleast how ever it’s , to avoid any discomfort.. anyways they will do again .. if anything left means

I thought i had to shave it off or would have been preferred to be hairless. However wasnt asked to do so when i delivered last month..

Shave it cause when they sew you and all more hygenic. fyi i had passed motion abit while i gave birth.

i have been shaving, but i cant see down there too.

The nurse at tmc shave for me before my c-sect

i waxed before delivery.