How do you reconcile with your children after you have overpunished them?

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Just like Jared, I approach my child and let him feel that I love him so much by hugging him tight then I start explaining to him what had happened. I make him realize his actions, what harm it caused, and why he received such consequence. I want to instill in his mind that I may punish him due to his wrong doings but I will love him always that's why I don't want him to do the same thing again.

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I agree with everyone else. Personally, I don't let my kids fall asleep at night without explaning why I had to punish them. This is so they won't keep their negative emotions towards me and what had happened.

Talk to them in using a soft tone and explain why you did what you did. Stress the fact that they need to be disciplined because you love them and want them to grow up a decent human being.

You should always explain in a calm and loving manner. Don't be afraid to say 'sorry and I love you'. Your child will learn from you and will also have great respect for you. :)

I say sorry if I know I have offended my child in any way. I don't let hours pass without talking to my child as I don't want him to have hatred in his heart.

Hug and kiss him and explain the real reason why you're doing it. State that no matter what happens, you still love him.

I apologize and receive the child's forgiveness. We also make sure we pray together.

I just tell my daughter the reason why I'm doing those things to her.