How do you put your baby to sleep without having to latch on? My husband is frustrated if I have nights out with my girls as he cannot put her to sleep. She'll wait for me to come home and then she'll nurse to sleep. And thanks to that, I have to always be home early! :( I only get nights out once a week.

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your baby can sleep on her own without you nursing her to sleep. you just need to let her have the opportunity to learn how to do so.

4y ago

I've tried. She cries louder and louder.

Not sure if it will work for you and how you will feel about it, one of my friends introduced pacifier to help her little girl self soothe to sleep. My friend deliberated for awhile but finally decided to try as her girl was comfort nursing to sleep (and not a night feed). Other friends tried rocking and patting when trying to establish a bedtime routine. Hope you find something that works for your baby.

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