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Hi mommies. Anybody have issues with newborn couldn’t sleep in the day? Recently my 6 weeks lo have trouble sleeping in the day. Usually I’ll put her to sleep in my arms and then put her down. But then now once I want to put her down, she’ll open her eyes macam she’s still fresh like that. Then I try carry her in my arms, she’ll fall asleep soundly. So throughout the whole time (4-5hours in the day), she’ll sleep and cry murder on and off for a short period. Any mommies facing or have faced this? Can share with me how to deal with this? Is this just a phase or should I be concerned?

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Super Mum

Hi momma, my son was like that too. I had to carry him with the carrier or sling while playing some lullaby or surahs for him to dose off. I did that untill he was 2yrs!!!! I shouldnt have la but i got the job done. No wrong or right way, as long as our kids take their naps. You can also try to lay next to her instead while using white noise or, surahs, lullabys, and put soft bean bag over thier chest. Here are some links of songs and surahs and also bean bag.

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8mo ago

aww poor baby... hang in there momma. Innsyaallah, try some of the tips, it may work for you 💖.

My baby is also 6 weeks today!! Only when carrying him, he can sleep very well. But once put down… hohoho the lil monster is out. Maybe they are fine tuning their sleeping hours? I dont know too. Haha