How do you prevent your children from cursing?

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We should ourselves not curse in front of them or otherwise. But I have seen kids whose parents do not use foul words but kids happen to speak bad words and it has happened in my case as well, and the culprit was a cartoon series on the television. So, one must check what the child is watching. And as far as kid hearing bad words in the outside environment, the you must tell your child that it is very bad to talk in such language and can educate the child depending what is the child's age.

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I agree with all of them. What children see from the older people, they imitate. So let us be good examples to the younger ones. Too much exposure to TV and social media should also be lessened until they are old enough to understand what is right and wrong.

Correct. Don't give them an idea that it is okay to curse. Avoid letting them hear that you are doing as he might think that it is fine to curse. Avoid exposing them to people as well who love to curse.

By not cursing ourselves. And if they pick it up from outside, depending on childs age, i would either correct it or ignore. Sometimez no correction is better then us correcting.

First is that do not curse in front of them ever and secondly if they happen to hear cuss words outside, tell them that this is bad and good kids and people do not use such words.

I agree with Stan. We are the very first role models to our kids so if we want or don't want them to do something, we better start within ourselves.

By being the main example at home. If we speak good words at home, more likely, they will imitate us.

You should stop cursing first.