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Hi, how old are you when delivered your first baby and how many weeks? I am currenty 35 yrs old, and my tummy running 36 weeks. No sign of contraction and back pain yet. 🙂 Thanks for replying.

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For both my babies , I had no prior contractions. Doctors did a membrane swipe at 39+6 weeks to check the cervix to get labor going . Only had slight contractions. Had my water bag broken in the hospital for both babies. Do not worry mummy . Everything will work out fine :) Do some walking relax yourself❤

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30 years old and born my baby at 37 weeks.. Hope your labour will be going smooth❤️

19 years old, 37 weeks 29 years old, 39 weeks 2 days 33 years old, 39 weeks 5 days

37 yrs old, 40weeks . Smooth pregnancy and birth. Have a safe delivery! 😊

Thank you and I appreciate all your reply Mummies.

29y at 38w5d 34y still waiting for give birth

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28 yrs old, gave birth at 36+6

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27yo, 39 weeks. All the best!

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28yrs, gave birth at 37weeks


29yo gave birth at 36 weeks