Is it contraction or just a braxton hicks ?

Hi mommies , Ive been having this menses like cramp but its only mild since yest night . And when i walk theres this sharp pain on the right side of my lower stomach. The pain come and goes. Can it be a sign of contraction ? Im 36 weeks #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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You’ll know it’s contractions when it happens. It’s more intense than BH. Super intense and it gets even worse as the hour goes by. Watch out for mucus plug discharge (can be clear jelly-like, with a tinge of blood or pinkish discharge etc). Time your contractions if you think it really is. If it’s getting too near within the minutes, remember your 5-1-1 rule: every 5mins, lasting for 1min, within 1hr. Go hospital if it’s too painful because labour can begin anytime soon. Have you also done your GBS swab? It’s crucial to do it as the bacteria can be passed on to baby and can be fatal. You’ll need antibiotics during labour if you’re GBS positive. Good luck and all the best!

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Since u are almost full term, it could be. How often were the cramps last night? If it’s not so regular and prolonged then maybe braxton hicks. As for the sharp pain in your abdomen, I would call my gynae just for peace of mind. Are u seeing yours soon?

If it’s not consistent and comes and go then it’s BH. Contractions are longer and shorter intervals.