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How often do you pump at work and how do you store milk and pump parts (can't sterilise at work..)Thanks!

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Still not using a pump, maybe before i work i'll gonna buy one.

4 times when my baby less than 5 months. Now my baby about 6 months already, I pump 3 times. Store milk in refrigerator provided by company. Otherwise, you can put inside your thermal bag with ice packs (3-4) or ice block (1-2). Pump you may put inside refrigerator also or wash everytime you used and soak with warm water. ☺️

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2-3 times at work. We have a freezer atthe infirmary for storing, washes n parts with dishwashing soap, put in hot water then store in my thermal bag.

Twice but if working hours drag will squeeze another time to pump. Work place have freezer to store and I use packit to bring back the milk home. I pump straight to the breastmilk bag so no need to worry about washing the bottles.

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Twice at work. Store bottles and pumped parts within ziplocks inside small thermal bag. I put the whole thermal bag inside fridge. And ziplocked ice blocks I put in freezer.

I have a question. Can I pump into the same bottles or packet from earlier sessions if not full? That means pump, keep in fridge then take out n pump into same containers again.

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No, need to be same temperature

I pump 2 times @ work 12nn and 3:30pm, i store my milk @ our freezer sa office , my pump parts i put hot water and ilalagay ko lng sa thermal bag.

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I pump 3 times a day while at work. I keep my the pump parts and bottles in a Ziplock bag in the fridge. For milk, I’ll store in storage bags inside the freezer

4 times a day with 2 hours interval. I just put it in ziplock then keep it in freezer 😊

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Twice at work. We have a mini freezer in our department and after pumping, I wash it with hot water then place them in a ziplock bag for storage