how often do you guys eat out with kids? we do maybe once in 2 weeks. just curious :)

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Since, we live with our in laws, eating out is a distant dream for us as they do not like to eat out and then our plan too gets slashed. And if by chance we go out then I am termed as a person who just loves to eat out. I don't know, I think we primarily eat out when we are invited for marriages or birthdays, etc.

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we used to go out a lot earlier, but of late we barely go out unless absolutely required. i would say that maybe we go out once or twice a month, and there is no calling in either. so yes, we are more of home meal eaters now :)

I do not generally keep the count as we are more of people who like to eat at home, but lately we are going out once every week. And that is more of a junk food item, and I crib later for the calorie count. ;p

We don't go out often but more often call for food at home, if that too is counted as eating out. It is more like, food not made by mamma but still being eaten at home. Hahaha...

we eat out maybe once in 2 weeks or so, that too for a small ice cream. otherwise, if its a proper meal, that too is now restricted to about twice a month.

we go out once or twice in a week to have sweets n coconut water, sometimes junk food make u happy wht we feel. so little bit calories its ok for us.. 😜