How often do you and husband have a "girls night out" and a "boys night out" without each other?

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Not as much as before haha. We like to joke that we are quite interdependent on one another but I suspect our separate social lives have dwindled because we are far too exhausted to go out (our friends are the same haha). For an actual boys/girls "all-out night out" -- I'd say he goes out with his friends once every three months and I do so when I am back in Singapore, which is 1-2 times a year. It depends a lot on our friends really; most of us are married or in committed relationships and we've outgrown the crazy nights. When we do go out without each other, it's mostly coffee and simple dinners with friends, which occur maybe once every two weeks.

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Right now we don't have much time anymore for our friends, but I let my husband play in the basketball league since it's his passion and stress reliever :) I have observed that husbands need more boys night out time than the wives because it keeps them sane. hehe. But all you have to do is to trust your partner. What I do is I usually just have coffee with my friends so that I can go home early for my baby :)

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Certainly not as many as when I was single. It's been 4 years to my marriage. But even now, a group of friends and I do meet up once every 2 months to let our hair down. It could be at one our place (provided the husband and kids are away) or at a faraway resort. It helps me unwind and also gives me some much necessary me-time.

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Generally, we have common friends to begin with, and for the other cliques, the plus ones are all well integrated so we often attend gatherings together. That being said, we do hang out with our besties without the plus ones every once in a while. :)

for me is seldom especially the twins is born. my hub cant take care both by himself for my hub is once in 2 to 3 months. mostly is some close buddies birthday celebrations

Not often. Most of my college friends are in the US and rest are common circle of friends so even if I want to (and hypothetically my wife let's me go :D) I can't.

I mummy I totally have no nights out ever since my girl was born and by time my baby fell asleep already I dont have the strength to go out too hahaha

Not as much as when I was bachelor :D. We prefer to go for night outs where we can go together.

when ever, which isn't very often because getting people together is the hard part.