A question for mummies who have both boys and girls: at what age do u separate them (when dressing/bathing) from seeing each other's genitals? My son and daughter is 7 and 3 respectively and we are still pretty liberal abt them roaming naked to their bedroom to wear clothes right after bathtime. What about the other mummies out there? ?

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oh yes I used to have an ex colleague whom i think , something wrong with her mind. her daughter was 6yr old and she said ALL of them (hubby , her and daughter) always naked at home as weather is so hot 😲. i asked her how does her daughter react to seeing her hubby naked, she laughed and replied " aiya ok one ma, she always pull his penis what" omgggggg.. im sorry, i dont think its ok 🤐

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separate from young . i hear some of my friends still leaving the door open as their kid hang around ... i dont think its healthy. as for touching, i saw my 11yr old touched himself while watching video . i told him its not wrong but to be discreet. i dont want him to grow up thinking self pleasure is dirty 😂

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as the age of your son. i guess you must seperate them already. and we have to give them knowldge what are the things cant do. like touch this and that...

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It's better to start from young as kids these days they develop faster then we thought they would

No girls of my own. 5 boys. I would think that I'll separate them from young.