How often do you bathe your 2 month old?

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2 times Morning and evening Had been doing that since birth but some say one time in the day and a wipe down in the evening would be sufficient

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Twice a day .. warm water bath n oil massage before bath help them nourish better n make good sleep

Bath every morning & evening when it is hot. Morning bath & evening wipe when it is rainy/ cloudy.

Once a day and towel clean at night as afraid might catch a cold if bath at night.

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Yes once a day..or prolly if need, another warm wipe thru later in the day..

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Once a day unless there is excessive poo poo which leak to clothes rtc

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Once in the morning and wipe down in early evening by 6pm

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Morning bath and evening wipe down with cleansing water.

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Once to twice a day, depends on how sweaty my baby gets.