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Hi mummies. How do you bathe your 2months old baby? Do you start with the head first or feet first?

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At 2 months, I would start off by using a damp towel to wipe baby’s face, behind the ears and neck first. Then swaddle the body using the towel (diaper still on), carr baby using the football hold and bring baby to the bath tub to wash the hair. After the hair’s washed, baby goes back to the diaper changing mat, I dry the hair, then unswaddle, remove the diaper and clean, before bringing baby to the bath tub to wash the body. When baby got older (3m+) and was less likely to pee in the tub, plus the neck control was better, I did the hair and body in the bath tub in the same sitting (started with hair, then moved downwards). I supported the neck by stretching out my arm, with my forearm behind the neck, and gripping under baby’s armpit on the opposite side of where I was standing. By 5-6 months, I let baby sit in the tub (with slight support).

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Honestly, I think there’s no hard and fast rule. Haha. Do what you’re comfortable with

i let baby feel the water first with her feet. put her in once she settled. I start washing her 1. face and mouth first 2. body and neck, bottom after that, 4.then turn her into frog position and wash her back to bottom, 5.turn her back to rinse off any remaining soap my baby also 2month old. i tried using the hospital method the first few weeks but my baby cry alot. so i find other method (above) thru trial and error. so far she has been smiling and laughing while showering. she loves to smile widely when i mentioned 'wanna shower now?' 😂 i believe there's no right or wrong method. its more what your baby most comfortable with and safest method

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Always start by wiping baby face and ears first, then the head (hair), then gradually move downwards to clean Baby body front and back and Baby's limbs. Everyone's comments just for reference, there is no fixed way. Fjnd out yourself what your baby prefers gruadally. This is kinship at it's best.

Start with washing the baby’s head, rinse and dry baby’s hair (so he or she wont feel cold) and proceed to bathe normally.

Leg first... let the baby feel the water.. slowly go up.

Feet than move up slowly...head should be last

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Mouth, eyes, ears, face, neck then body

I will start with his face area .


Body to feet then head and face

i'll start with head first..