How much do you and your husband save per month ?

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I am not sure how much he saves each month as he is self-employed... however we will always brag about who has the most savings which will brings motivation to save even more... LOL if this month i win, next month he will try his best to beat me... as i have fixed salary so he always get upper hand unless i really cut down on my expenses LOL

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he doesn't tell me how much. But he manage to save. Probably 200-300 a month? When a pay comes, he still have balance from the prevpay, he will save it up too

Both working. Expenses all from hubby side. I save money from my side. Sometimes we contribute money to joint account too.

Depends. Its hard when we have kids. Always seem to have an emergency. Maybe you want to start with saving your gold coins.

i been trying to save. but it's tough. For my husband he saves about 15% of each salary

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We try our best to save 30% of take home pay. And not frequent restaurant too much.

i try to put aside $200 a month and yet i find that it's insufficient.

hard. left pocket in $10, right pocket out $15

Nothing much since there are a lot of expenses on kids as well.

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It really depends.. Sometime we can save more sometime less..