How much was your FTS / Oscar test? Who did you do it with?

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I did my Oscar scan with NUH and it costs about $300 for the blood test and scans. For NUH, it will be under Fetal Scan Centre and done by sonographers at the centre. After the scan, gynae in NUH will review and discuss the results.

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I had my Oscar test done at private clinic at $450 (with 1 more blood test included). My gynae is Dr Poon King Fu, he is a friendly and patient doc. Hope this helps.

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I did the harmony test not the oscars. It was about $1100. Harmony has much higher accuracy for testing Down syndrome and it also predicts gender of baby

7y ago

I wanted to take harmony test but too expensive due to budget constraint.


About $500 - Dr Watt from Raffles Hospital