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Anyone did FTS test in Kkh and receive a high risk results? What will you do next? Did they recommend you to do another harmony test?

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Yes I got slightly high risk results but we didn’t proceed with further tests. And I just went for scan yesterday (11 June) and baby is normal. All foetal development measures are perfectly normal. Update: I gave birth to a healthy 3.7kg baby girl at full term (40 weeks) exactly on her EDD 19 Oct 2020. ☺️

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7d ago

Hi @Mummy-to-be again. What is slightly high risk result in your case?

Hi Yvonne, did you do the harmony test? How was it after that? Saw that this was posted 10 mths ago. Any advice for me? Cause my results for FTS is high risk too.... Am doing harmony next week.

1y ago

Hello I’m high risk for my FTS too. Just did NIPT testing and waiting for results now

Yes, please go ahead with harmony test which is >99% accurate. We did that and result is low risk which overwrite the FTS test. Good luck and take care. God bless you and baby.

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Yup we did the harmony test after dat

2y ago

Lucky for us, it was a veryyy verrry low risk. So we didnt proceed with anything else. Hes a very healthy 16mth old now