Oscar Test / panorama

How much is it and where did you do it? How’s the test? Not sure which to do, 31 years old #1stimemom #advicepls #momcommunity

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Oscar is known to be a lesser accurate test, and the risk / probability count is a big range. But it has a detailed scan that can help to detect visual deformities and defects. I went for Oscar for all my pregnancies (3rd now), and did amnio for 2nd due to 1:2 Down Syndrome risk, and Harmony/Panorama for 3rd due to echogenic bowel found during 20wk scan. Do what you feel gives you a peace of mind.

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2y ago

Hi Mummy! my Amnio came back as confirmed for DS (our oscar ratio was 1:2, 50%) and other chromosomal defects. we waited for the 20wk scan and found more defects that may not likely let her live till full term. so we made a heartbreaking decision to let her go and delivered her at 21weeks. 5 mths later I conceived again and we are monitoring this 3rd one closely due to the echogenic bowel.

First time mom too, 32 years old. My same age friend had a (false) positive Oscar test results for her first pregnancy at 29 and it caused her a lot of worry and additional waiting time (for Harmony test results). Because of that, and many other stories of false positive results for Oscar on forums, I went straight for the NIPT panorama. Save ourselves the worry.

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I didnt go for the Oscar test,cause I heard alot of false positive too, which will cause alot of worry. Also our thinking is, we will still have the baby regardless. Our OB then did a scan on my recent visit and told me that the nucheal fold is perfectly normal. :) So I didnt waste money for Oscar and I found that the baby is ok

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2y ago

Does that mean you didn’t do any of the optional tests? Just the thorough scan at week 20 or?

I didn’t choose Oscar test as I’m a 1st time month 32 yrs old too. I did Harmony test around 1.5k at Gleneagles. The nurse explain saying Harmony test accuracy is higher. As a 1st time mom of cos I go for sth I’m more comfortable with.

Panaroma is around 1.1k which i did in a in private clinic at Mt A. I would say if u can, go for panaroma for a peace of mind. As oscar has many false positives and u might end up doing both in the end.

I went for paranoma and paid around $950. Was thinking since i wanted a thorough check on the range of risk, might as well take paranoma.

I did the Oscar test for both my lo and it's ok

Panorama was about $1.2K.