Exclusive pumping

Hi advice please. How long should I pump for? Nurses and LC said the max should be 30 mins as it may tear ur breast tissue but I have friends who pump for an hour saying to clear the milk so to increase milk supply. After 30 mins of pumping I still have a bit of milk leaking so I’m unsure if I should continue pumping or just wait for the next session.

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Your milk will never clear up even after an hr's pump. Your milk will always be there. Yes, max is 30 mins pump, never above that. Do more than that, you're signalling your breasts to produce more and more hence the non-stop leaking even after pump and might cause engorgement, blocked duct or worse mastitis. Even power pumping has to stop for 10 mins before starting again. So don't follow your friend's advice at all. Heed the LC/nurse advice. Of course they are more professional & knows better.

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3y ago

But right now my milk supply isn’t enough , should I pump more than 30mins then?

exclusive pumping here. i pump for 30 mins. 10mins pump 5 mins rest then 15 mins pump

3y ago

So even if there’s still milk u will stop pumping after 30mins?