Hi mummies, recently I resumed my pumping routine and realized that when my breasts are engorged and hard, I only managed to pump out 60ml per side. After my pumping session, my breasts feel soft but sore. However, when my breasts are not so engorged, I can pump up to 150ml per side and my breasts are not sore at all. If I can only pump out 60ml and still feel sore, does it mean that my breasts are not emptied still? Not sure why the difference is so huge and I'm sure it's not due to my period or whatsoever. Thanks.

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Have you tried massaging your breasts under a warm shower when this happens? It might soothe the discomfort and hopefully help release the milk that's "stuck" inside, if any. Even if it's not breastmilk related and more period related, I find that taking a warm shower and massaging the aching breasts help alleviate the discomfort by quite a bit.

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Hi mummy, i had the same issue before. When my breast were hard and engorged i was not able to pump much milk. However, what helped was a warm shower before the pummping. I also pumped evey few hours. Could it be because you lessened the pumping sessions?