How many times of milk does your 1yo drink a day?

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Mine is 4x daily ranging from 120-210ml depending

Wow everyone is feeding their lo 5 to 5 bottles!! I am only giving my child 2 -3 bottles of it sufficient? She takes solid as well...

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Abt 5 to 6 btl. 1st btl est ard 200ml. Subsequent btls ard 125ml

5 - 6 times per day

Actually pd say I overfeed my baby. At 12 month old he was already 12kg. So I from 6 bottles of 180ml direct cut to 3 bottles of 200ml. I give 3 solid meals but instead of full bowl i cut 50% too.

3 years old, about 5 bottles

3 times a day. Between 350ml - 450ml a day. Rest solids.

700g tin per week ... many times i lost count

same as karen 5-6times a day

5 - 6 times