How many times a day do you hug your kid?

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Whenever they want, but at least four times a day. When they first wake up, before they board the school bus, first thing when they are home, before we go to bed together. I am tiger-Mom but my girl still love me a lot which I attribute it to the number hugs we have a day that make her still feel my love towards her.

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I hug them many times a day. But sad to say once they get older, i hardly hugged them.

Countless, i would say a couple of times. I'll kiss him whenever I'm hugging him too.

as much as I could... even he dislike I would still hug n kiss. lol

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It depends.. But definitely as much as i could

Many many times. More of snuggle

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haha...countles la babe

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Multiple times a day

Countless ahhaha

Many many times