Number of kids and why

How many kids do you want to have and why?

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2 I'm pregnant with my second baby haha I'm going to have kids that are 1 year a d 1 .month apart

I have 4 which is great

carrying my first baby😭😊I want 2 but my partner want 4

I want 4 but hubby only want 2 so we will see we have 1 beautiful girl she is 10 months old now

my son is already 8 yrs im pregnant with twins (hoping they are girls 😊) i think 3 is enough..also my husband wanted to have 3 kids..this would be my last pregnancy.

I wanted 3... I am now having no. 5. My husband was an only child and always wanted a big family. I come from a big family so we have a great support system and lots of love to give.

ideally just 2, 1 boy and 1 girl. Cant afford to have too many kids.

I hope to have 2. I have 2 but 3rd one is on it's way.

two kids a boy and a girl , right at this moment I'm carrying a girl I would like to have a boy Next time as there's no boys in my family it would be like to have a Boy for once

Carrying my first baby😍👶 I want 2 but my partner says it's going to be too much cause he already has a soon to be 10 year old son that we live with.