How many activity do you enroll for your pre schooler?

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I had only signed my daughter up for swimming lessons with Little Splashes ($40/lesson) when she was younger. I do not believe in sending her to multiple lessons so young so unless she has express any sort of interest, I don't see any need for it. I let her join activities instead with my neighbours' kids or relatives of her age to expose her to different sports to see if she will take any sort of interest on it.

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Generally, exposure to many sampler classes can help a young child figure out what he/ she likes. The All-you-can-Learn Buffet offered at offers a value-for-money way for parents to try out new classes. $99 for 5 classes or $75 for 3 classes.

So far, I only enrolled my 6 years old daugther into swimming class and ballet since she shows interests in both. We signed up with community centre nearby our house. Soon we will let her learn piano since she also shown strong interest in learning.

My 3 year old goes for music classes. And why music is because it is something he shows interest in - singing and grooving to hi5 and using chopsticks as drumsticks! I personally believe that interests and enjoyment are important.

So far, I've enrolled her in swimming classes because I think this really is a must. I'm taking her to a lot of taster sessions, violin, ballet, piano etc, so we can work out what she likes best before signing up for classes!

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I signed my kid up for piano and swimming lessons. I believe that swimming is an important survival skill which is necessary to have while my kid has lots of interest in playing the piano. :-)

I have enrolled her for drawing class and ballet class since she has shown interest in both.

Swimming class, I'm thinking of sending him for speech and drama too.

Let a child be a child and play.