How do you deal with your pre schooler if she/he is picky eater?

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Try to expose the kids to different varieties of foods without pressuring them too much.You can try serving a new food along with some of other food that you know that your child likes. Don’t force the child to eat food. Reduce snacks and drinks intake and having more gap between the meals might help and you can invite an adventurous friend for a meal. Add flavor or crunchiness to the food . If your child prefers sweetness, glaze carrots with a little honey or maple syrup, or if he likes spice, season crab cakes or chicken with pepper powder. The Fussy Eater’s Recipe book by Annabel Karmel has mouth watering recipes and creative ideas presenting food. It gives tips and advice on improving your children's diet and encouraging new tastes. She suggests way of sneaking hidden vegetables into familiar foods such as quesadillas and focaccia pizzas, and offers a healthy take on fast-food favourites like chicken nuggets with dips and sticky barbecue ribs. There's plenty to tempt children of all ages, including pork and peanut noodles, tuna melts, cupcakes and ice creams. For those children with food intolerances, there is a whole chapter of recipes covering dairyfree sauces, gluten-free pizzas and a wheat-free birthday cake

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You rev things up in the kitchen and get innovative with food. Try different foods and consider her choices. Ask her which foods she likes and which she doesn't. And don't ever force her to eat something she doesn't want to. Try whatever you can but say nothing which puts her off food. Read this interesting article on how to deal with a fussy eater.

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A picky eater kid requires creative mum! Go find some recipe to sneak in those food he won't eat. Sneaking brocoli to the fried Mac n Cheese for example. Still yum but healthy :)