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how to know if you're pregnant w a babygirl/babyboy?

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The only way to legitly know is via ultrasound or if you do the harmony or oscar test. Can't remember which test. Old wives tales are nonsense! They say if you're pregnant with a girl, you'll have a round tummy, 'ugly' face with a lot of acnes & your morning sickness is terrible. If a boy, you'll have a pointed tummy, flawless face & lesser to no morning sickness. I've had both boy & girl and currently pregnant with another boy. My mum thought I'm pregnant with a girl but no, it's a boy! 😅 and my face is full of small acnes & both times my morning sickness was and is terrible! Last trimester now and still having on & off nausea 😂 So yes! Never trust old wives tales lah or you'll end up disappointed 😂

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Ultrasound? Hahah. Other than that there’s no such thing that for sure will predict the gender although there are quite a few old wives tales. For example, when you are heavily pregnant, from your back, can people see your pregnant tummy? If yes, it’s a girl. If no, it’s a boy. 🤣 sounds nonsensical right! (But this happened to be true for my case) Or like your pregnant tummy is round or pointed? I think pointed means girl. I can’t remember.

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My morning sickness is definitely not terrible (only puked thrice in 1st tri), and my skin is as per normal, no breakout! At first we thought based on the old wives tales, I must be having a boy. But nope. Girl. Meanwhile my girlfriend puked from start to end and had a boy. So yea, those myths about gender really cannot be trusted haha

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We may get very curious but only scientific methods are legit, such as week 20 ultrasounds (some can determine as early as week 15-16), NIPT, CVS/Amnio tests. Old wives’ tale cannot be trusted. It’s just 50-50 chance there.

You can know through an ultrasound scan or NIPT (Harmony Test; which is use to test chromosomes defect, such as Down syndrome, ets).

Try taking harmony test. You can know the gender as early as 12 weeks. That’s what I did 🤭

doctor will scan and tell. or you'll know if you so harmony test

U can feel it