How is your way to teach your kids about religion and tolerate other's faith?

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I grew up playing with my neighbour's kids and it was awesome because everyone came from different faiths and cultures. And school helped as well because of Moral Education classes. In Singapore we are lucky in a sense because despite being a secular country, we are exposed to other religious and cultural practices. We not only tolerate, we celebrate our differences. I also think that parents should set a good example to their kids. They can't be making racist comments and not expect their kids to not to do the same. I've seen kids making comments like "I don't want to sit next to that (insert any race here) person". I don't think the child learnt that comment on his own. Be kind and your kids will follow suit.

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I have heard of families that don't allow their children to play with other kids who don't share their same religion. This is absurd! This teaches intolerance and can breed hate. Growing up, my mother taught me to find good friends. She did not specify a religion. As a result, I had friends from various belief backgrounds. They were (and still are) all good people. This is one way to teach our children to be tolerant of others' beliefs. By allowing and encouraging children to have friends with different beliefs, they will naturally become more accepting.

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The best way to educate anyone about tolerance (on any given subject) is to educate them on the basics and rudiments of a topic. Intolerance is based on ignorance, after all. In your case, you could educate your child in the basics of each religion so they can understand and empathize with anyone they meet of a certain faith.

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I don't believe in any religion, so I'll educate my daughter about the various religions in the world and teach her about the practices each religion has from a young age so she will know and be tolerant about others. I believe we play a big role in educating our children about tolerance.

The best way is actually to walk the talk. Be a walking testimony and role model to your child. Children often look up to and emulate what their parents do don't they?

Agree with Jamie. Humanity is greater and better than the religion.