How do you teach your kids to do chores?

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Kids are curious. When they see what we r doing they wanna involve so just let them get involved! My 4yo will help me fold clothes, pack toys & clothes, simple chores like taking clothes to laundry etc. And she is my assistant who will also help me take care of didi. Learning how to bathe for Brother & change pampers for him now and I patiently teach her, watch at a side. Let her finish or when she has questions then I will comment. If not, just quietly watch till she finish then u comment & show her the correct way of changing pampers/shower. Never never comment on how ugly the clothes are fold or even re-fold them. Praise them n encourage them to improve.

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i did it myself and the kids never learnt, probably because they got confused about mom doing it and dad not doing it. now i have made it clear that my kids have to do their things on their own. such as cleaning their cupboards, making their bed, arranging their books and so on. i don't do it for them, and when they are unable to find something, or the bed seems dirty, they have no choice but to do it.

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my kid loves to help me in the kitchen whenever i am cooking. she wants to do everything from breaking the vegetables (since she is not allowed to use a knife yet), stirring and mixing things, and even making roti with me! the other thing she absolutely loves to do is to fill up water bottles - not sure why it is such a fun thing for her, but she sure checks and fills them when needed.

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i think children have a natural tendency to follow what parents do. so our kids have taken up a few chores themselves, without even realizing they are chores. for instance, my younger one always keeps the newspaper back in place, wherever she finds it in the house. also, she has a habit of checking the kitchen drawer and putting all forks and spoons neatly.

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my 4 year old loves to help me in various chores around the house. she has been doing some of these since she was 3. she loves to help me in the kitchen while cooking, and also helps fill up drinking water in bottles. i never taught her specifically, but she picked them up as she saw me doing these at home.

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By showing them how to do it and making it fun. I learned some tips from here: and this is a good read to about age-appropriate chores for kids! :)

We let them join us when we do the chores. Let's say washing the dishes, nakapatong din sila sa chair so they can watch me or their dad. Same when doing the laundry or cooking tapos we ask them to do very simple tasks at the same time.

Para kaseng natural sa kanila ang gayahin lahat. Kung anong nakikita nila na ginagawa namin ay gingawa din nya kahit sa pag lalaba nakiki-daw-daw din sya at tumutulong na din sa pag sasampay, sya ang taga-abot ng mga damit.

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Let the kids do when they ask to help at very young age (curiosity stage) ... it will become part of their life.... alternatively reward system hahaha... :)