How can i tell if i have block ducts? Can a low supply mom have block ducts? I have a very painful lump at my areola, can anyone advise what can i do? Pumping hurts a lot now. How do i treat milk blister?

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Yes, Low supply can have block ducts too! Get a hot compress and roll it over your breast, massage on the block area and pump it immediately. It takes a few tries for it to be fully unblocked. For milk blister, use a sterlized needle and poke it.

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9mo ago

I’ve a milk blister too. Now block ducts. Can we needle poke and pump milk ?

Back then when this happened. I always took a warm shower. And whilst in the shower message my bresat gently. it for better after a few days. However I don't pump, only exclusive breastfeed.

Try massaging your breast and stimulate the flow. Do you latch? Latching helps.