How can I make porridge more tasty to eat for my 1yo

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I usually use soup stock to cook the porridge. I make my own soup stock with various vegetables & meat. You can freeze them into batches & only defrost a packet each time you need to cook. Try to introduce a variety of vegetables to your child to cultivate a healthy eating.

You can bake ikan bilis and grind it into powder. Sprinkle and mixed it into the porridge. Alternatively, you can boil soup using dried scallop with chicken bone, corn, carrot, ikan bilis etc .. use the soup stock to cook the porridge and it will be tasty and nice

5y ago

Hey, You need to wash it and dry it. Remember to remove the little bones (black in colour) as it maybe dangerous for the child. However the bones does provide calcium, still better to remove it. The medium size will do. After you baked it, grind it finely .. sprinkle a little on the porridge and mixed it well. Very tasty, your LO will love it

Homemade stock. I’ll make soup stock eg. Corn , chicken , carrot , pumpkin... then I’ll freeze the stock into cubes. When I cook the porridge, I’ll just throw in a cube of stock for the flavor.

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By adding some colourful veggies, tiny bits of carrot n cabbage n peas in minimal qtys though , it worked for my little one ☝️

I usually use chicken feet and boil as broth. Add some carrots and vegetables. I'm using a slow cooker.


I put in scallop on top of what I normally give like chicken carrot and pumpkin

Add ikan billies, carrots and wolfberries. It makes the porridge sweet.

home made chicken stock as the porridge base instead of just water.

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ikan bills powder! many mummies are using that method now

5y ago

You can buy the Ikan bilis at the market, super market or medical stores

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We add different type of mushrooms for texture and taste

5y ago

U can try black shitake mushroom or button mushroom .. better for the kid to be over 1 year old .. you can boil mushroom and pork soup and use the soup as stock...