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How to get rid of pregancy tummy fatss?? My weight hasnt gone down, i can see loss in inches, why is that so. Is loosing weight more impt or loosing in inches.

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Exercise!! Start after confinement to do simple 15 min exercise to recover diastasis recti due to expanding of stomach muscle. Once your muscle is tone back, the fats will naturally become lesser and skin more tighten! In terms of pelvic size, it will be difficult to go back as giving birth via natural will expand your cervix by 0.5-1 inch.

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You can start exercising and swimming is good as well. Do watch your diet and try to include more fibrous food and fruits in your diet.

Watch what you eat, try your best not to exceed a certain calorie per day. Wear corset/waist trainer everyday. Hope it helps


Loosing inch!! My tummy can't go back to flat but my weight has gone back to pre pregnancy weight.

My weight has gone back but not the inches. Guess need to do exercise to tone the tummy.

Go for walk everyday! Cut the sugar drinks and Carbo. Confirm slim by 3rd month

I heard that post-natal massages and wearing abdominal binder helps!

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unfortunately, losing inches doesnt equate to losing weight 😔

After 3 months from delivery do some exercise. Eg plank

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my weight gone back, but inch never 😢😢