How do you comfort a friend who had a miscarriage?

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Just be there for her when she needs someone. Distract her & dont talk about pregnancy/babies. Mc is a very emotional rollercoaster. Everyone handles it differently. Some rather be alone & some needs company. Been through it and as for me i didnt tell my close friends as i didnt want people to keep asking me if im okay and what went wrong. I just wanted to be away from everything. Furthermore, 1 of my gf got pregnant again during my mc period & she was telling all our friends about it. So yeah it was hard for me but i was happy for her. :)

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I had to comfort a friend about this once. Even though she didn't say it, I knew she blamed herself for the miscarriage because she kept wondering it she ate or did something wrong. Some of her older relatives also insinuated that she worked too hard and that's why it happened. It's tricky but eventually I told her to ignore those comments and that none of it was her fault, that it's all part of God's plans (she's religious). She eventually made peace with her loss and not too long after, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

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I would say to simply be there when she needs you. Make sure she knows that you are available. Everyone has their own ways of grieving and recovering from such a loss. Some people needs to talk about it, some may not be ready to do so in the early stages. Give her space but let her know that she has people to turn to if she needed any support. A simple message every one or two days (not necessarily asking "how are you doing?") would be good. You can also ask her out or visit her if you think she will appreciate the company.

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I feel that there is no way to talk to someone who had gone through a miscarriage. Like Hui Qun mentioned, it's best to simply be there. When I had my etopic, my closest friends never once brought that topic up but were constantly by my side. If I gone too quiet, they would text me or call my ex-husband just to check if I'm doing okay. They may feel that it's nothing much but I am very grateful to them until today.

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i had my miscarriage in july. my bestfriend tried consulting me and it turn bad because she didnt know what i had gone through.(not trying to be a bad friend but nothing matter unless someone could give me back mg child). for me.. i recover from it after i got my second child where i knew i had to be strong for my child. its more of self acceptance than public acceptance.

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You can pray together with her if she is a Christian and keep her in your prayers. For me, I will share my MC experience and how did I grieved with her. A hug for her will be good too. Let her knows she is not alone.

I remember seeing a similar question here before. This article might be of great help to you and your friend:

I don't think there is much you can do. sometimes all someone needs is just for a person to be present. More of reassurance.

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I don't know what to say. But all i tell my friend is,i am always here for you. need a breather let me know

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