How did you announce pregnancy to husband?

How did you surprise announce a pregnancy to your husband? What about the people around you like your friends, boss, colleagues or other family members.

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I have seen so many videos of wives surprising their husbands but in my case I can't keep any secrets from him 😁 I was always lethargic and sleepy during my first 2 weeks. We checked the symptoms and pregnancy was one on the list. So on the exact menses due date, I told him may be we should try the pregnancy test. And he was waiting outside the toilet anxiously. So technically we both got to know together 😀 My parents are overseas with a 2.5 hrs time zone difference. Called them up from sleep and shared the news. My MIL was away in market and she don't use hp. We shared the news as soon as she came. Called my FIL who was away for work to drop by when he can. Shared with him only when he was home. Shared the news the close relatives who visits us almost every other week when I was about 2 months. Thought of holding it till 3 months but it was difficult as we meet very frequently. The rest relatives my mom called on phone and informed when I was close to 3 months 😊

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Wasn't much of a surprise for my husband as I was complaining to him why my menses was late and I blamed it on the stress frm work. He told me to take the test but I didn't do it straight away. I only tested some time later and true enough it stated 2-3 on the Clearblue kit. I didn't really expect it as it was really a stressful work period for me so I texted him straight away. He called me immediately aft 😄 We didn't tell anyone else as we wanted to wait till the pregnancy was more stable so we kept it a secret frm our families till the 3rd month. But during tt time, my mom had sensed tt sth was gg on as I was looking especially lethargic, didn't run on my treadmill like I usually did. Tried to mask my nausea by staying in the room (it was during CB) but I guess no one can beat a mother's instinct!

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Husband - He bought the test kit for me 🤣 Family - I informed my own mom that very morning, MIL after first gynae visit Close friends - When i meet them (my belly already obvious when i met them) Workplace - After 1st gynae visit then i let my boss and my own department's colleagues know

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I placed the pregnancy kit result in the cupboard and ask him to help me take thing. As of immediate relatives we only announce after we went for first scan just show them the pic. Friends and other relatives announced 3 months later

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Wife told me we are going to be promoted together. We told immediate family when gynaecologist confirmed the pregnancy. Others when was 3 months.

I package my pregnancy kit into my LV long wallet box 😂 wrote a note “see you, ayah”. Ayah means dad. Hhahahhaha