when did you announce your pregnancy to your parents?

Did you tell them before or after your first gynae visit? Or after 1st trimester? (:

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My parents knew when I was pulling away from family activities and often was sick and weak. Like my gynae said; "Mama will always know already." Sure enough when I officially informed my immediate family members after the 2nd month, they all confirmed their suspicions.

Shared the joy with my parents after i got to know im pregnant as it is my first pregnancy. Will need guidance and advices during the process thus, i shared with them and to seek for advices as well ◡̈

At 6 weeks for my mum/ sister.. closer to them then 2months+ to my brother, dad, grandma. Couldnt hide the symptoms anymore since still staying with them 😂

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Once I tested positive I informed my mom as my mom always cook herbal tea and soup for family which some may not be suitable for pregnancy 😆

After first trimester when the baby development is stable. This will avoid any disappointment after raising their hope and expectations.

After we did the first scan around week 6. First kid and first grandchild on both sides of the family, so was a bit excited. Haha.

I am in dilemma... I had miscarriage in April so now a bit worry to break the news. Thinking to tell them after 1st trimester

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I told my parents after first gynae visit but to my in laws, we waited till 12 weeks as we didn’t want to disappoint them.

lol... after i find out im pregnant again and inform them they going to be grandparents again... share the joy with them.

Announced at the 4th month when gynae told me that the baby is stabilised as I had 2 previous miscarriages.