How do you deal with kids stressed from school?

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You know recently we moved from Mumbai to Chandigarh, and my daughter not only had a new environment to cope up with but also had a new difficult syllabus to deal with. And soon I realised that my daughter who otherwise is outgoing, cheerful kid became cranky and refused to go to school. I did not know what happened, but gradually I gathered that she was stressed. What I did was quite un-mum like, I guess. I took a couple of days off to her and saw movies with her, read books, made cake, shopped for dolls and everything that she liked. In the process I counselled her. Thankfully, all became fine. She is back to her cheerful self. I think, we should give children a break when they are stressed. For counselling also, we need to create an environment where the child becomes relaxed. On daily basis, let them have their play time, and that should be outdoors. Have a healthy verbal relationship with them so that they don't feel any inhibition in sharing things with you.

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4w ago

Thanks ma For the advice learn 1 to 2 things from your words

When kids get home from school, you allow them to unwind for a couple of minutes or hours until they are ready to do their homework. Prepare them something to eat and surprise them with any simple stuff (could be DIY) to make them happy, and find time to chit chat with them. This will help them forget all the stress at school.

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Just like any human being, when kids get home, it would be refreshing if we serve them some fresh drinks and food. Let them feel also that you are happy they're home from school and that you have time to spend with each other. Simple things like this, for sure, will be greatly appreciated by our little ones.

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Aside from giving them time to relax or play, you can just talk to them about how their day went, and you can share any funny things that happened with your day as well. Talking can make your child feel that you're always there and that they can depend on you, and it' also a good bonding activity. :)

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Talking to them is one of the ways. They need to have an outlet for their outburst. As a parent, I talk to them, encourage them, sympathize with them, and try to help them out by knowing the exact reason of their stress.

You could talk to your kids and discuss anything that's bothering them. Even if you are unable to solve their problem, just talking about it would reduce stress. You could also do some fun activity and help them unwind.

How old are your kids? Allowing them some "me-time" (maybe an hour or so) to play, watch tv or just relax usually works. They will feel refreshed after that to do homework, revision and other activities.

talk to your kids and reassure them all will be well. If possible contact the teacher and alert them about the problem and see if the two of you cannot come with a solution

Allow them to take test later then speak with your kids and identify their issues. Don't force them to study.motivate them and guide them