How do you deal with kids stressed from school?

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You know recently we moved from Mumbai to Chandigarh, and my daughter not only had a new environment to cope up with but also had a new difficult syllabus to deal with. And soon I realised that my daughter who otherwise is outgoing, cheerful kid became cranky and refused to go to school. I did not know what happened, but gradually I gathered that she was stressed. What I did was quite un-mum like, I guess. I took a couple of days off to her and saw movies with her, read books, made cake, shopped for dolls and everything that she liked. In the process I counselled her. Thankfully, all became fine. She is back to her cheerful self. I think, we should give children a break when they are stressed. For counselling also, we need to create an environment where the child becomes relaxed. On daily basis, let them have their play time, and that should be outdoors. Have a healthy verbal relationship with them so that they don't feel any inhibition in sharing things with you.

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3mo ago

Thanks ma For the advice learn 1 to 2 things from your words