Do kids find the transition from Primary school to Secondary school tough? How do we prepare them for the change?

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I think it’s still okay, they are more adaptable than we think they are! Sometimes we just need to let them experience things without sheltering too much. It’s good to help foster self-independence because in secondary school he/he has to take ownership of one’s own studies. It’s a good skill to have as well

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Sometimes yes especially if different school and new classmates. Try to explain and get your kid ready for the new challenges. Goodluck mommy

They adjust faster than we think. But there are lot of changes like travelling time, no pushing from teachers etc (so must be self driven)

They are usually way ready to transit. Perhaps the only jitters would be not knowing anyone. Well at least this was the case for myself.

It’s difficult because you go from four subjects to eight. The school environment is also a major change. Best way is to support them

Honestly, they should seek help from their respective subject Teachers. And it really depends how the kids will handle it

Make sure they are prepared academically, if you want to help them succeed I can help

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I think by that age kids can adapt to everything pretty quickly, they look forward to making new friends etc


It is important to keep their sense of self and confidence intact. That would help them with the transition

Talking and communication most important