Gestational diabetes

How common is gestational diabetes n did u end up having issues with delivery?

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Have to control your carbs and sugar intake. Do some light exercises, jogging or walking after meals. No issues with delivery, both mummy n baby are safe. Just bear in mind, to listen to your gynae and follow whatever instructions given. Some can be controlled by diet, some might need to jab insulin.

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Hi... gestational diabetes occurs due to high carbs and sugar diet. It may cause pre-term labor. Please read this article for preventive measures

2y ago

Hello I’m not a fun of sweets but I eat white rice since it’s a staple food from my country and I have no history of diabetes. will eating a lot of white rice can give me gestational diabetes? I’m 24 weeks and will have gestational test next month...

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It’s more common if you have a family history of it. But as long as you keep to a normal diet (no excessive sugar or carbs) you’ll be fine.

I had GD but was able to deliver my baby normally. As long as you manage your GD properly, smooth delivery is possible.

I also had GDM was on metformin and insulin. I delivered baby via csect as baby's weight is 3.4kg and i am a small size mom.

2y ago

hi may I know if you had a choice to opt for or the doctor didnt give you any choice? was it elective or emergency csect?

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I have mild GD and pregnancy induced hypertension which ends up with preeclampsia and premature baby at 34 weeks

2y ago

ano po sugar level nyo?