gestational diabetes

How to prevent from getting gestational diabetes? My glucose test @ 6months pregnant, will be next week and im afraid im diagnose with one.

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im 6mth pregnancy, i fail my glucose test, i got to use the glucometer to test my glucose before and aftr meal... u just need to eat 3meal 3 snack everyday.... no fried food... u can only eat wholemeal bread instead of white bread, no fruit juice, no durian and avocado and drink low fat milk daily

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Reduce ur intake of sugary drinks as well as white rice or refined carbohydrates. Drink more water as it helps to flush out the excess glucose from ur body too. :)

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Food to avoid if got gestational diabetes, so its better not to eat if u havent take yr glucose test

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Avoid fruits with high sugar content too like mango and watermelon