How do you clean your toys? We are running a toy library and wish to seek a safer/better cleaning method for our toys. Below is what we have been doing currently: 1) Add a little dish soap (or other mild detergent) to lukewarm water. 2) Cleaning product should be free of bleach and water temperature should be lower than 40 Degree Celsius. 3) Wet your cloth with the mild soapy water and wipe through them. 4) Dry them with a clean cloth.

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Some childcare centres uses vinegar to rinse and then sun dry them on racks! I personally use this from Frosch, bought it at Isetan and was happy to see that it is hypoallergenic and very environmentally-friendly (not just kids-friendly) :)

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I used dettol and water and wipe those times like cars with tiny gears. for toy blocks, i soak them in dettol water and rinise them afterwards

I use this for my kids toys. Just soak for 10 minutes and I rinse and wipe dry. It's not expensive. And also multi purpose

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6y ago

thanks! can I get this at any supermarket?

Baby detergent or baby bottle wash or dry too wipes. I have a UV sterilizer so it goes in there to dry and for UV

I'm using vinegar too. Cheap and it does the job. It took me a while to get used to the smell.

Dettol with warm water for me I use dettle for everything in my house.

I used vinegar too to wash my kids' toy and baking soda for soft toys.

I prefer dettol with a little warm water to wipe

i added vinegar to warm water and wash my LO toys!

6y ago

Vinegar sounds like a secret recipe! Make sense though :) Thanks!

I'm using vinegar. Economy and safe.

6y ago

great! I will try that. Thanks!