How do you clean kids stuff toys? Put it in washing machine?

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My son only has his teddybear that's machine washable, no other soft toys - so that goes in the washing machine! For other toys, we use Frosch cleansing liquid to clean them with water and cloth :)

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for soft and washable i will use washing machine. For hard stuffs like toys or lego and cars, i will use water with dettol to wipe it

I will use wet wipes to clean. wet wipes bought from value shop. and wash toys on weekly basis.

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Yes wash in washing machine. Some toys just wipe spray with disinfectant..

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soft toys I use washing machine. the rest.. erhmm I didn't bother.

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some toys if put in i put in laundry net.. some handwash

Using washing machine with baby laundry detergent

put in tub n put sterliser tablet

hand wash and then put it in wash machine

warm water and Dettol...