How do you approach your child when he/she doesn't like to continue at an enrolled summer lesson (in my case, piano lesson)? Our 5 y.o. does not want to continue anymore after 2 sessions only ? And she does not tell us why.

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Is she the one who requested to have piano lessons this summer? Or was she consulted before enrolling? Maybe you can try talking to her in a conversational tone/mood why she doesn't want to have piano lessons anymore. Make her feel that she can tell you anything and that you will not get mad at her.

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let them play and be a kid. mabilis lang panahon hayaan mong maglaro at makadiscover ng hilig niya☺️ wag siya pilitin kasi mangyayari jan maaga siyang magsasawa sa pagaaral pag di niya gusto gawin hayaan mo hanap ka iba na pweding ikahiligan niya😊😊😊

Same thing happened to my son when he was 2.5 years old. He didn't attend the last 2 sessions anymore. We tried to talk to him and convince him but he really didn't want anymore because he said he doesn't like the teacher.

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So he stopped going to the lessons?

Pagdating sa music, hindi talaga pwedeng pilitin. He will just end up hating the piano lessons

Hayaan nyo lang sya sa gusto nya baka di.nya tamaga gusto ang piano

Baka po iba ang interest ng anak niyo po.

Kids have short attention spans and I figure they haven’t yet fully grasped the idea of seriously committing to one thing, and in this case, taking piano lessons for them can be seen as a heavy responsibility. At times like these, choosing a teacher that can make piano lessons seem more like a fun activity than a serious learning experience is important to keep children engaged in their classes. Coincidentally, I also enrolled my daughter in piano lessons and I was worried she’d back out but thankfully Adeline Yeo’s piano classes in Singapore made it a fun learning experience for my kid! You can try talking to your child again and have them try one more time, and maybe also try talking to your child’s piano teacher and see if they can tailor the lessons that would suit your child’s learning preference. :-) Hope this helps!

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