Any homemade recipe for making pasta sauce for my 17 months old to share?:)

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I use one bar of cream cheese with enough milk/water for carbonara sauce. Tomato base: one small can of tomato paste and fresh tomatoes. Add in some water if the sauce is too thick. If you add too much water, use the pasta water to thicken.


I always keep shredded roast chicken in the freezer and with that, the possibilities are endless! Try just sauteeing garlic and herbs in some olive oil and add some chicken. Make a sauce by adding some cooking cream. season to taste. Delicious!

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e.g: - cream based: chicken stock, fresh cream, milk, flour, basil leaves chopped, chopped mushroom, pepper and salt - tomato based: chicken stock, fresh tomato puree (remove seed), tomato ketchup abit, red bell pepper puree, salt and pepper

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i like to use a mixture of tomatos and cherry tomatos. Boil it first to remove skin easily. Then i would saute it till soft and mushy! Add some sugar to sweeten it

I have no idea how to cook a mean pasta sauce but i do know how to make a good oatmeal! Just add condensed milk to the oat and bam! Sweet and chunky

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cream. parmesan. sundried tomatoes and salmon.... my kids love it even my 1 yr old eats