Can share food recipe for 7 months old??

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Here's an avocado puree recipe which you can try with Friso Cereal. Ingredients: Friso Gold wheat-based milk cereal (6 tbsp) Warm water (200 ml) Avocado (1/4 pc) Egg yolk (1pc) Preparation: 1) Steam avocado for 8 mins. Peel and seed, then mash. 2) Boil an egg in water. Remove the cooked egg yolk and mash. 3) Mix Friso Gold wheat-based milk cereal with warm water. Add mashed avocado and egg yolk. Stir well. Samples of Friso cereal can be obtain via Hope it helps to add into one of your options in recipes exploration for your baby. Some babies might be allergy to eggs, hence you may want to replace it with something else or start off with just avocado friso cereal puree as a start.

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These are the food my boy who is 7 Mths now has tried Carrot Zucchini Broccoli Chicken slices Omelette Tangerine salmon Tomato Cereal hipp/cerelac Pumpkin Mango Toufu Apple Potato Bao's skin Rock melon Honeydew Watermelon Avocado Garoupa/grouper Pizza skin MAC cheeseburger bread Papaya

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The people who look the food help for their kids can easily grab them here. I admire your recommendation and hope the parents are able to grab on blog help. Please continue to share always such interesting sharing’s these are wise and updated.

lots of purees - Carrot, pear, butternut, zucchini, sweet peas, brocolli, avocado, pumpkin, peach, prune, apple - etc. just steam or bake and then blend. around 7 months u can also introduce salmon and chicken to the diet

i feed semi pureed food. my boy doesn't like puree so i have to mash only. carrots and salmon, chicken with brocolli, potato mashed with milk, pumpkin and sweet potato