Hi mummies, my daughter is going to be 2 years old. I am going to let her drink fresh milk. Any recommendations, mummies? Currently she is drinking similac (blue tin). She is eating solid foods and drinking plain water. I am cutting down the similac milk powder because it is costly, she is eating foods and lastly I want her to change to a new fresh milk for her to drink. need advice and opinion frm mummies thank you

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If your baby is not a picky eater, then she don't need formula milk any longer after 2 yrs old. If she eats all other solids, she receives all required nutrients from them. Formula milk is a hole in pocket. Rather spend it on dry foods such as Almonds and Walnuts, which are expensive too but rich in Iron and nutrients for baby brain development. You can go for fresh milk for your baby, preferably the low fat ones. If she had no allergies for soya, soya milk is also a good alternative.

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7y ago

Please give full fat one! As the above comments mention, kids need it for brain development.

If she is able to take fresh milk then it is good. Cutting down or total from fm is mainly also due to its sweetness. Fresh milk is less sweet than fm. My 2.5 yo is drinking fresh milk now n he loves the taste. I find that as long as the necessary n main ingredient like calcium is there, it is good enough. 2 yo should be doing well as u mention she is on solids n drinking water etc, so switching is not an issue.

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When baby turns 1 year old, it is perfectly safe to give fresh milk. Opt for the full fat one as toddlers need the fat for the brain development. Oh, but please make sure first that your tot does not have milk allergy. They usually vomit it out or have tummy ache if they are allergic. My tot drinks Marigold but there are a number of brands in the market. You can try which ones your tot likes.

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