My three months baby is fully breastfeeding. but sometimes I do give her formula milk because I can feel my breast milk is not enough. I try to make her drink formula milk either she drink little or dont want. I try to change to bottle teats also the same. She rejects again. I am going to send her to infant care. Im afraid that she wont drink the bottle or formula milk. She is too attached to my breasts. Any mummies experience the same. Any advice mummies?

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Yes I face the same problem as you before and so I stop my breastfeeding at 14months my girl was so fussy that she did not accept solid food and formula when when she was 12months and was only fully bm . On her 13months thanks god finally she accept to take porridge but still not formula but I tried every night keep trying and trying still the same . when she is 14 month I decided to stop so I did not let her latch n let her feel hungry for about 1 hrs plus later she start to feel hungry and slowly feed her formula with pigeon wide bottle she start to accept it but from that day onward I did not latch or give her bm anymore don't want her to feel confuse . if you wan her to take formula you got to stop give her bm already .

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Must train especially since she is going to infant care. Just continue trying to give her bottle, she will accept it when she is hungry. My girl also initially scream the house down when given bottle of ebm, but no choice I going back to work. So now she ok with it. Next up is intro of fm for me too... -_-

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I experience it too. No matter you change formula or bottles this is no use. When u return to work, they will slowly take in formula once they are hungry. But lst few days have to bear with it for little intake but naturally they will get use to it and drink well.

don't be silly.. the baby will not starve themselves just give them breast milk. unless you do not want to feed her anymore then just give her formula. if you can give the best which is breast milk. :) it's tough to be a mother. jia you! you can do it

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Than you have stop or offer her lesser of your breast already, once bb is hungry, they will take in. At least she is drinking little by little. So feed More times to let her get used to it.

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Have you tried mixing bm and fm together? That might work. Also if baby refuses the bottle don't immediately breastfeed baby. This will make baby even more dependent on nursing from the breasts.

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I think you can also try different brands of formula milk. It may be the taste that your baby is picky about. The suggestion on mixing the breast milk and formula may work too.

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initial my baby also reject formula, must train them use bottle with breast milk then try formula milk with bottle.

my 3months LO also have this problem but I prefer breastmilk if possible it's still the best