Hi mummies, my 2 yo takes forever to eat her food and she likes to keep food in her mouth like a hamster. I always have to remind her to chew her food. Most of the time i need 2 hrs to feed her and this is really frustrating. I try not to lose my temper but is like testing my limit.

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Some suggestions from my friends include: - Avoid giving snacks before meal time - Minimize distractions at meal times - Taking the meal away if child insist on not finishing the food in his/her mouth (resume feeding one or two hours later, troublesome but worked for one of my friends) Key thing to note is to explain that it was the squirrel behavior that result in his/her meal from being taken away. - Give positive reinforcements: praise or give rewards when child successfully chew and swallow his/her food promptly. Every child is different and this is quite a common problem. Hope you find a solution that works!! Good luck!

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